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Less than a year ago the tranny went out on my truck, so I purchased a remanufactured one from a certified trans shop.
The tranny came with a 3 year/100k mile warranty.
3 weeks later its leaking, I take it to a GMC dealership and they tell me the pan gasket was leaking and they fixed it.
I went back 3 times for the same thing.
It started leaking again and I took it to a different dealership, but it is owned by the same guy that owns the last dealership I came from.
They tell me the pan gasket was so tight, it was splitting over the pan, and the front pump seal was out.
They fixed both.
A month later, Im leaking once again, and I take it back, they tell me the front pump seal had gone out and they replaced it.

Why am I having so many problems with this transmission? Is it the dealership thats doing this to me?
I would rather hear gunshots from my parents bedroom than have to take this thing back to the dealership once more.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 AT 1:58 PM

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