Wiring short alternator battery


1993 Geo Prizm, 1.6 liter engine, automatic, 138,000 miles. Alright heres the Q. I have I bought this car from a friend that neglected it pretty bad. The brake lights would stay on constantly so he would remove the battery terminal to shut off the light at times he would forget and leave the light on the car over night, one day the wiring on the car started to burn up starting at the rear lights and burned into the rear seat sect door sill.
No rear lights due to burnt wires, fuel pump wires were ok. When I bought it He told me that he had gone thru 4 alternators in about 3 months and had to replace the battery 2 times.
This is what has been done so far since I have bought it, All wiring harnesses from the fuse box to the rear lights, fuel pump, rear speakers and door sensors were replaced.
Hooked up a good battery and checked the lights and the car turned on fine ie fuel pump was working, lights worked fine.
I took the alternator and battery in to get them tested both were bad.
Can burnt wiring cause the alternator to fail? Is there anything else that could cause the alternator and battery to fail? I'm hoping that replacing the wiring should fix my problems. Any other tips I need to look for would be appreciated.
I have inspected the wiring in the engine compartment and they look solid nothing melted. Fuse block looks good none of the fuses are burnt.

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, August 6th, 2007 AT 5:49 PM

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