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1995 Geo Metro 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

Dear Sir,

I have a 1995 4 door Geo metro. There are problems with the door handle latch mechanism to open and close the doors and with the manual window regulators. The front passenger door wont open from inside but still opens from the outside. One back door will not open from the outside. My question is how to do fix the door (especially the passenger one) when it seems hard to get at the parts inside the door cavity. I found one window regulator on ebay which is being shipped to me and check the junk yard every day for door latch parts. It is strange nothing is listed on ebay for latches, and I wonder if they are standard parts not associated with a particular model.

I can see that the problem with the passenger door latch is not a problem with the inside door handle itself or at least not a problem with the parts I can see (after I take off the plastic door interior). The parts I can see which connect the inner handle to the latch seem to be moving the right way compared to the other doors that are working. So I think the problem is more in or near the latch and locking mechanism behind the inside metal part of the door that when shutting the door clasp on the ring from the door frame. I also see screws on the edge of the door to loosen the latch to investigate without harming anything or breaking anything further it is a 1995 so it seems pretty old. The plastic might be brittle.

If I am lucky enough to find door latch part in a junk yard I would love advice on how to get it into the door and install it.

So since the doors overall metal sheets look welded together, I wonder if they are removable and if you have any advice to help me repair/replace the parts inside. I hope to find more regulators for the rest of the windows at a junk yard or on ebay and if found at junk yard also need to get inside the door to take them off the junk car.

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, July 25th, 2009 AT 5:53 AM

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