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  • V6
  • 225,500 MILES
Hello, I am a little new here and not very experienced with car repair, so I apologize in advance.

Just some information on it:

* Daily driver
* I bought this car in October of 2014, so it already had some age and wear on it.
* I am wanting to make this vehicle last me for several more years.

I am expecting to get a $1,500.00 bonus within the next week and plan to apply all of it toward car repairs. Nothing is necessarily "wrong, " but I'm sure if I took it to the dealership they would be claiming I need a list of repairs. Not looking to exactly go over $1,500.00, but I want my car to be dependable and avoid breaking down and then wish I had applied the $1,500.00 toward a down-payment.

Now that you have a little bit of information, I will cut to the chase of what I know what it may need:
Whenever I'm driving it is not exactly as smooth as when I first got it. I got a flat tire on the interstate a few months ago and the guy who came to my assistance said my wheel bearing was pretty bad rusted and probably needed replaced. I have been driving it since without replacing it and I have not had any problems, but I am concerned that this could be a safety issue later on. Should I get all the wheel bearings replaced at once?

Basically I would like to know how I should apply the $1,500.00 for repairs. I know it is hard to say on a vehicle you have not looked at, but what are must haves I should be looking at? Thank you in advance for your input!
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Not sure how he saw that the bearing buried inside a large chunk of iron is rusty. Was this guy wearing a cape and had an S on his chest?

I would take the car to an independent shop and have them look it over and give you a list of things that have to be replaced now, things that should be replaced and things that are okay.
Then take it to another shop and have them do the same thing. Compare the lists.
Go from there. Do not just tell them "I have $1,500.00 so fix what is wrong up to that" There will be $1,501.00 worth of work done. But did you need it all?

Tires - are they all in good condition with good tread?
Inflated properly (go by the sticker on the door)?
Brakes - pads/shoes, rotors/drums, brake lines, brake fluid (clean and clear), parking brake works and releases properly?

Suspension parts - wheel bearings (smooth and quiet with no play) no abnormal noises rattles? Bushings and struts/shocks clean operational, no fluid leakage from steering, sway bar end links. Ball joints okay?

Transmission was last serviced (fluid/filter) when?
Engine wise - last time it had an oil change, air filter, spark plugs. Timing belt/chain was serviced when?

Anything that does not seem to work correctly?

Those are just a few items. YouTube search for how to inspect a used car for a bunch more along with visual items to check that you can do yourself before taking it anywhere.
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