Altanator/voltage regulator/diagnostic readings


I have a 1999 Ford Windstar with 163,647 miles on it. The alternator recently went out and I had it rebuilt. When I put it back on my battery light came on.I thouhgt it may be the battery may be bad so I had it tested and it was good. Put it back on and it did the same thing. Took the alternator back off and had it checked and it too was good.I put it back in and started driving. The battery light will go off and on and the van will lose power then gain power, back and forth.I noticed it doesn't seem to lose power that bad if there is over half a tank of gas. The loss of power and the battery light going on and off do not coincide either.I'm really at a loss and will appreciate any help! Could it possibly be the voltage regulator?Thanks.?

Got some diagnostis readings p0303-p0304-p1246-p1462what do these mean? I'm really confused! :Oops:

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, August 16th, 2007 AT 12:17 PM

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