99 Saturn SL2 125,000 Stumped the mechanics


OK, here we go. I tried to start the car one morning after parkin it the night before. Turned the key, dashlights and headlights came on, but starter didnt even click. Tested the battery, it needed replaced. Did that. Same story on the car, had it towed to the local good ol boys service station. Am 30 miles from nearest "good" service station. They tested the starter, it was fine. Mechanic suggested maybe it was the security system on car. Looked in the book, and it says if the alarm system was armed and then tripped, it would disable the starter. I never turn on the security system. Have never heard the horn go off in alarm mode. The book said how to turn off the security system using the little remote key. This didnt work. Put new batteries in both remotes, neither would do anything. Book told how to synchronize the remotes in order to turn off security system, this didnt work either. The service station guys are stumped, so I called the saturn dealer 75 miles away. They had never heard of that kind of problem, said to bring the car there, I cant afford to tow it that far. I called a place that installs auto security systems, the guy said it could possibly be the ignition switch, that when you put the key in, it signals the computer that everything is ok and to start. The guy said he was 99 percent sure this would work. Told the guys back at the good ol boys service station, they said no way was it the ignition, it didnt have anything to do with it. So, anybody got any ideas? I really need my car back, as cheap as possible, the old lady I have been riding to work with doesnt really like to have a rider. PLEASE HELP

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Friday, September 1st, 2006 AT 8:59 PM

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