95 Windstar Engine Replacement and A/C, Steering, etc.

Ford Windstar 1995 GL 3.8L engine - 157k miles

I am toying with the idea of having the engine replaced in my vehicle. In your ANSWER ASSUME I have an unlimited BUDGET (seriously) and I'll pick off things that I don't want to do later on. Basically I want to know what things I should have them do because they are going to touch so many things that haven't been disturbed in so long.

Which components of the A/C system are likely to be clogged and should be replaced. Or could they be flushed. Like the condenser? Evaporator? I know I should replace my expansion valve and DRIER, but I don't know if the other components would be dirty and need replacing too. I definitely want to replace the clutch coil, hub, and pulley of the compressor with a new revised Ford one cause it gets rid of the moaning and my clutch currently takes a long while to ENGAGE so I know I need to get that out of the way. Was thinking though by the time I get those 3 parts maybe new compressor would be better to do instead. Though currently my air works WONDERFULLY after it does finally kick on about 10 - 15 seconds after the A/C is turned on.

Steering - I believe I should do all tie rods. What about the control arms, bushings, and ball joints? Anything else? Should I just replace the whole rack? It makes A LOT OF NOISE when turning to the left in PARKED position. Likely cause it hasn't been lubed in too long. I have a new PS Pump, but I don't think they replaced the filter. What else in steering?

Body/Subframe - I read on consumerguideauto. Howstuffworks. Com the following for all 95 and 96 Windstars: Engine noise: A clunk heard and/or felt from the floor on acceleration, deceleration, or turns is caused by movement between the body and subframe, which is corrected by installing revised insulators. (1995-96)

Is REVISED INSULATOR between body and subframe what I CALL it when I call FORD or what is the technical term for these thingies?

What else in general?

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Also, I got most of my ideas from reading here how it would be to remove/reinstall my engine:

I know it seems like I may have covered everything, but I'm not experienced enough (while I have knowledge) to know if I'm missing something else. The following things have recently been replaced and would transplant to the new engine:

Water pump
Tensioner and Pulley
Ilder Pulley
PS Pump
Alternator ground strap replaced with a cable (same old alternator still going strong though should I replace its pulley?)
Brake calipers and rotors (front) (pads with good life left)
Plugs and Wires are fairly new, but plugs will probably be replaced (though due to overheating should I replace the wires anyway?)
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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 AT 5:40 PM

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