1996 Ford Windstar Ford Sucks & has soooo many problem

Engine Performance problem
1996 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 220000 miles

I have TWO Ford vehicles. I was blessed to say the least to come into two Ford vehicles BOTH with problems.

My car is also a 96 Contour GL, and since the day I bought it I have had the check engine light on. The same goes with my 96 Winstar.

The car shakes, and I do not get much power when taking off at a stop or going up a hill. Every now and then the check engine light flashes and the code they say has soemthing to do with the EGR system. The O/D light flashes once I am driving steadily expecially when I get onto the highway. This is not mentioning how ungodly expensive the parts are. Let alone the spark plugs in this car! Sometimes I can get a whiff of plastic/rubber burning and it freaks me out to say the least. When I first bought it, I had to get the rear axles replaced bcos they were literally TWISTED!

The van is making a really horrible and un natural sound when I try to start it, almost like there is soemthing caught in the starter, this noise and the white smoke just started last week, but the engine light comes on and flashes, and sometimes goes out completley for days. White colored smoke comes out the exhaust now, and the person who gave it to me said it is famous for having to replace the spark plugs. I have an anti freeze leak, and that has been like that since I have had it, and the old owner says they had to keep putting the gunk stuff in since they were always paying to get these things repaired! There is a piece on the engine having to do with the oxygen flow that the engine apparently keep sburning off?

I need a miracle.I dont think I could in good conscience sell these pieces of crap like they are! I need to sell them, but I know I won't get much for them, and until then I need vehicles to drive myself!

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 AT 11:15 PM

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Hello, my guess is your van is having same problem I recently had on my own Windstar 1996; which is water getting to the Cylinder Head chamber, you can tell by checking the oil, if it looks like creamy then certainly there is water mixed with oil, my suggestion, better don't run your van until it is fixed, your CH will need to be checked for no futher damage. According to my mechanic the problem started because the water thermostat was installed backwords (I bought my van used) causing overheat and getting a gasket blown.
Hope this help you.
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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 AT 5:01 PM

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