1995 Cheverolet Cavailer


:evil: My cavialer has been giving me alot of problem, I kept getting things fixed and hoping to resolve the problem,
It was doing all the malfunction before I even broke down.

I already replace, Alternator, Starter, Water pump, new battery, Therostat, fan relay switch all in once.

Now my problems That I have had before replace and still having this problem with the replacement.

I would be driving, My gauges lights would come on. Depends on what sometimes Just water, oil and battery, sometimes ALL including Seltbelt and Airbags and Check Engines, Speedomoter would bounce, Temperature gauge wont work when the gauges lights or on, sometimes It stays on. Sometimes It would go off and then come back on.

Tonight, it started all that plus the car died while I Was driving, it did that to me before. I had to stop and restart the car and it was fine.

I cant seem to afford to pay someone to look at it, but If I had someone checked it out. It doesnt do it for them. I mean come on, they probally drove it for 5 mins and didnt see a problem.

Its VERY frustrating and Any help would be appreaciated
oh yeah the radio was unplug. As well because it was draing out the battery.

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 AT 1:01 AM

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Intermittents can sometimes be traced to dirty or loose battery-cable contacts at battery. Or at other ends of battery cables at alternater or frame. Make sure all are clean and tight (but not too tight at battery as that can either strip threads or turn (read break) battery terminal.

Also check that alternator belt is properly tight (since you already checked that the electrical connection is clean and correctly tight) and has regular, normal out put when running.

That is a first step which you may have already done. But if not. Do it. If it is not that, several other options come to mind. As in one or more loose and intermittent connectors on systems giving the sometimes problems or nastier things, like one of the 'electronic control module'.

Was this
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 AT 7:51 AM

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