Ford Taurus


Chuck Twissell

April, 18, 2007 AT 5:20 PM

Ford, Taurus SE, 1999, 90000 Mi.
The rinse and wipe fuction works but the wipers park part way up the windshield. The low speed and the high speed work but the wipers park where the switch is turned off and do not travel to the park position. The intermitant funtion does not work.
The + voltage is not getting to terminal one, park position, on the wiper motor. Haven, t been able to locate the GEM to do any checking on it.
The fuses all apear to be OK.
Any help on the location of the GEM would be a great help.
Thanks Chuck.


1 Answer



April, 18, 2007 AT 10:22 PM

I'm thinking there is a run park relay in the fuse junction box, it also controls the interval function, also a lo hi relay in there. The gem is connected to the rear of the fuse junction panel. If the parking circuitry is burned out, the motor must be replaced, it is not repairable. By any chance were your wiper blades ever stuck to the windshield? Or prevented from moving somehow? Either of these actions could burn the parking circuitry out, hopefully neither applies to your deal.

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