Ford Taurus



March, 13, 2006 AT 8:39 AM

I was driving my 2001 ford taurus, came to a traffic light. When time to take off car would not go. It will start up find but when I put it in gear you can't feel it shifting and it will not not move, in reverse either. When I looked under the hood I saw a fluid on top of the stearing power fluid top and underneath the car fluid was leaking. Someone said it looks like transmission fluid. We checked resevoir for fluid there was fluid in there. Do you know what it can be


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2CarPro Bob

March, 14, 2006 AT 8:42 PM

Your question is confusing me. I think you have mixed up the power steering reservoir with the transmission dip stick which are totally separate. If you check the transmission fluid level, I am sure you will find it low in view of the fact that fluid is leaking under the car. Obviously the leak will need to be repaired.

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