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June, 29, 2007 AT 8:35 PM

I have a used Ford Taurus 2001SES 50k miles. Before I replaced all brake pads and shoes, the front right pad and rear left shoe were worn out extremely. After I replaced all of them (even the master cylinder), I feel vibration on the front passenger's side. The car is front-wheel driving. When I use Jackstand to raise the front and shift it to overdrive after starting it, the front left wheel rotates faster than the front right one. Later on the front right wheel gets jammed. Also the ABS lamp is on but it becomes off when I drive the car. Is this problem associated with failure of the speed sensor on the front right side or with the failure of the hydraulic control system?
thanks for any response.


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June, 30, 2007 AT 5:42 PM

Hi justanold, I appreicate your help. : D : D : D
Actually I feel a shimmy on the front right side (the passanger's side) when I accelerate the car from stop on a slightly uphill road. This shimmy disappears immediately after the speed goes to 30 miles/hr. I do not feel it in the steering wheel or in the brake pedal.
Since I suspected it was due to the caliper(Front Right side) which drags the rotor and causes the shimmy. But there is still a jam after I replaced the caliper. I even brought this to a Brake Specialist, they resurfaced the rotor(FR).I told them that two front rotors do not rotate approximately in the same rate when they raise the car on a platform. They told me it should be a differential. They did road test the car but did not feel the shimmy(probably one mechanic just driove the car on a very level road and did not detect any shimmy).
It seems that after a brake is applied and released, the pressure in the Front Right brake line does not decay immeidately as that in the Front Left brake line.
I checked the CV joint and did not find any indication that the shimmy is from the CV Joint.

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