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March, 14, 2006 AT 4:36 PM

Need instructions on how to remove alternator in 1998 Taurus DOHC. I can't figure it out! Thanks


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March, 14, 2006 AT 7:25 PM

A haynes or clymer manual is a good investment. See the links on the blue bar at the left. A library might have one also.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. : )



March, 21, 2006 AT 8:44 PM

I had to replace my 99 taurus alternator last summer. I had the smae problem. Besides taking off the serpetine belt, and front passenger wheel, and tie rod, you have to support the front undercarriage (I used two floor jacks) and then remove two carriage bolts that attach the two subframes together. Once the the two carriage bolts are removed, you carefully lower the two jacks and allow the front sub assembly to drop down about a couple of inches. This provides just enough room to allow the alternator to sneak out though the front passenger side wheel well. Good luck!



March, 23, 2006 AT 2:46 AM

Just some more claification regarding the reference to the Autozone linkthat was posted above. On my 3.0 liter DOHC engine, my removal procedure was more like the Autozone referenced 3.4 L DOHC engine picture, except the critival missing pience of information was that I couldn't get the alternator out of the side wheel well uncless, I removed two cariage bolts that held the sub assemblies together (while supporting them with a jacks) and careffully allowed the front sub assembly to drop down about an inch or so. Withoutout lowering the subassembly, there just wasn't enough room to allow the alternator to pass throught the right side cowl opening.

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