95 Taurus ignition switch ACTUATOR

  • 1995 FORD TAURUS
2 days of internet searching indicates that this "actuator" is a $2 plastic part that connects the key lock to the ignition switch but I can't find it. I have found both the Key Lock Cylinder and the Ignition Switch on 8 sites but none mention this ACTUATOR or if it is included with the lock or the switch.

"Actuator" is probably not a correct part name (even though repair forums are using this name) because it doesn't have matches associated with ignition switches or locks on any of the autoparts website search engines. It isn't even shown in the AutoZone exploded view of the entire mechanism.

Forums say that this $2 actuator breaking is a common problem that cost about $300 to replace because the steering wheel and column must be removed. I'm 500 miles away from my tools but have managed to remove the lock and drop the steering column down. I don't yet understand why the steering wheel has to be removed but then I'm only half way into the job.

If this "actuator" is the same part that is called "lock actuator" that's mated to the base of the key lock cylinder (but a separate part) then that may be the part I'm looking for?

Please note: I tried to upload a 36K JPG drawing of the "lock actuator" within the key lock housing but when I clicked on your button "Upload and insert a picture" I got a separate window with an error message that stated "error" and that I was not logged in. At the top of this page it shows that I am logged in. Then I clicked "Submit" and it took me to a login window. This means that I was logged out (probably timed out) and that status change wasn't updated at the top of this window. Please inform your webmaster of this problem. Thanks.

1. Does this "actuator" part exist?
2. Is it available separately and from where?
3. Is it included with the lock or the ignition switch?
4. Is there now an improved quality actuator?

Thanks guys!



PS. I just looked and the drawing above doesn't match what I'm working on (95 Taurus SE) - my ignition switch is NOT above the key lock cylinder as shown above. This drawing may be for a 93 Taurus?
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Sunday, January 14th, 2007 AT 6:35 PM

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My car won't shut off and I thought I had to replace the ignition switch (95 Taurus SE 3.0). The replacement didn't fix the problem. I can start without a problem but turning the key off won't shut down the engine. Are you having the same problem?
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Saturday, March 17th, 2007 AT 7:33 PM

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