2002 Ford Taurus



June, 17, 2007 AT 9:36 PM

I was at a stop light and the car stalled and almost died it started popping and not making any power it would not go any faster than 20 mph. I popped the hood and there is a loud ticking noise comeing from the
(if standing in front of car) left rear top side the ckeck engine light is on the codes are PO401 EGR flow low, I thin it was p1145 O2 bank 1 low voltage and cylinder 1 missfire. If I go by the tail pipe it feels as if it sucks in occasionaly. It almost seems as if it is out of time but this has a chain and not a belt they will usually break any ideas on where to start

year is 2002
make ford taurus
engine 3.0 vin code is 2 (flex fuel)
116000 miles
recently changed spark plugs used motercraft 2000 miles ago
as soon as I pulled the codes I bought a motercraft o2 sensor and put it in
the plug wires were also replaced about 2000 miles ago


Running Rough


Idles Rough/changed Ects


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Service Writer

June, 17, 2007 AT 9:50 PM

I'll give you my two cents, but there are a couple of excellent Retarded. Er retired ford techs on the site that may jump in.

I would check the egr passageways for restrictions, clean them out and the egr valve while it's off and see how it goes. However I have seen the DPFE sensor be a common problem with this code as well.



June, 17, 2007 AT 9:58 PM

Yes I replaced the dpfe on my explorer sport but it was still running fine when it went bad I didnt know if that would almost kill the engin the thing barely runs now but the are cheap enough I will buy one tomorrow and see what happens



June, 18, 2007 AT 11:31 AM

Changed dpfe and egr no change pulled out front and rear o2 sensor started car and ran fine idled at 1000 not bouncing around put them back in and idle went 300 to 600 and was not steady so I ordered a cat conv will put it on this afternoon and see if that is the prob wife says for the last month when she got on the gas it would go till about 4000rpm then the car would buck and cut out so ill see if this fixes it

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