2001 Ford Taurus rack and pinion

  • 2001 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 123,000 MILES
How to change a rack and pinion.
Is it very hard?
Do you
have the same problem?
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Not an EZ thing to do here are the steps
good luck

POWER RACK & PINION -2001 Ford Taurus SE

Removal & Installation
1. Turn the steering wheel 1/2 turn to the right and turn the ignition switch to the number 0 position. 2. Remove the air cleaner outlet pipe. 3. Remove the bolts and the engine roll restrictor.

Fig. 43: Removing Engine Roll Restrictor
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
4. Remove the bolt and detach the power steering pressure hose.

5. Loosen the fittings and disconnect the hoses.. 6. Position the boot out of the way.

Removing Power Steering Hoses )
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.

7. Remove the bolt and disconnect the intermediate shaft coupling. DISCARD the bolt.
8. Remove the front wheel and tire assemblies. 9. Loosen the tie-rod end jam nuts..

Loosening Tie-Rod End Jam Nuts

10. Remove and discard the cotter pins and nuts. See

11. Using the Pittman Arm Puller (211-003), disconnect the tie-rod ends.

NOTE: Note the number of times the tie-rod ends turn for assembly reference.
12. Remove the tie-rod ends.
CAUTION:Do not use power tools to remove the nuts. The stabilizer bar link ball joint or boot can be damaged.
13. Remove the nuts and detach both stabilizer bar links. To remove the nut, first loosen the nut, then use the hex holding feature to prevent the stabilizer bar link ball joint from turning while removing the nut. DISCARD the nuts.
14. Remove and discard the exhaust Y-pipe nuts.

15. Remove and discard the nuts and the U-bolt. Remove the catalytic converter. Support the muffler inlet pipe.

16. Remove and DISCARD the front subframe mounting nuts..

17. Support the rear of the front subframe with jack stands. 18. Remove and DISCARD the bolts. Lower the rear of the front subframe approximately 4" (102 mm).

19. Remove the steering gear out of the left fender well. 20. Install new seals on power steering hose fittings. See HOSES. 21. To install, reverse the removal procedure using new nuts and bolts where specified. 22. Center, and then turn the steering gear input shaft 1/2 turn to the right to make sure the intermediate shaft coupling will fit correctly on the input shaft. Guide the steering column intermediate shaft coupling on the steering gear input shaft as the subframe is raised into position. Use new fasteners and tighten to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. 23. Fill and leak check the system. See SYSTEM FILL under LUBRICATION. 24. Check and adjust toe settings as necessary. See SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES -- CARS article in SUSPENSIONS.
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