2001 Ford Taurus



August, 27, 2009 AT 3:54 PM

Engine Performance problem
2001 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 124600 miles

The engine misses. I had it checked out and #4 spark plug was replaced because the ceramic insulation near the tip was damaged. The same thing has happened 2 more times.

updated 8/28/09
question: While I appreciate the quick response and also the information given the root of my question was not answered. Which of the " problems"
would result in the ceramic around the tip of the spark plug to break? I forgot to mention that I do smell fuel when at an idle.

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August, 27, 2009 AT 4:42 PM

Misfire at cylinder no. 4 should lead you to check the sparkplug, compression and injector for that cyl.

Engine misfiring can be caused by worn or fouled spark plugs, a weak spark (weak coil, bad spark plug wire), loss of compression, vacuum leaks, anything that causes an unusually lean fuel mixture (lean misfire), an EGR valve that is stuck open, dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or even bad fuel.



August, 28, 2009 AT 1:10 PM

Sparkplug insulator cracked is primarily caused by detonation could be contribute by low octane fuel, imbalance of the air and fuel mixture, incorrect ignition timing, overheating.

I forgot to mention that I do smell fuel when at an idle. Could be running rich due to the following: A bad O2 sensor, excessive fuel pressure (bad fuel pressure regulator or plugged return line), leaky fuel injectors, dirty air filter or restricted air inlet, or a defective coolant sensor that prevents the engine management system from going into closed loop mode

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