.. 101,000 KM .. V6-182, 3.0L OHV

2000 Ford Taurus



May, 27, 2007 AT 6:26 PM

Purchased New - first occurance of both problems.

1. Water accumulated on passenger floor after a very heavy rain. The car is exposed to the elements including spring and fall 'droppings' from a variety of trees. The engine always has some debris on it, e.G. Maple tree keys. Because the cabin air filter is partially wet, I assume the drain for the cowl vent screen is plugged with 'droppings'. I could possibly use air pressure or wire ram it if I knew where the drain was. Where is it or should I just drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the cowl vent? I am considering adding window screen to the cowl vent as I'll then see and remove any 'droppings'. Is the drilling and/or the screen OK with you?

2. Left rear seat belt retractor. I forced the belt to its limit while securing a dog cage and now it will not retract. By removing the 4 bolts (2 - T& B, L& R) will the back of the seat come off and on? Then having access to the rectractor, is it repairable or only replaceable? Can the existing belt be reused?

Frugal but cautious, Regards, CHM


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