1997 Ford Taurus Transmisson/Engine isn't always smooth

  • 1997 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 53,000 MILES
Bought the car with 53,000 two years ago, it now has 70,000. My 1997 Ford Taurus GL Wagon has always since I’ve had the vehicle had a delay to the immediate acceleration. When you step on the accelerator, it’s almost like there is a “gap" in the cv joints or the torque converter or something, because it is like the engine revs up and then the power “SNAPS" into the rest of the driveline. It doesn’t matter how fast the vehicle is moving, or what gear it is in. The faster/harder you step in the accelerator, the harder it “snaps/clunks." It only happens if you are completely off the accelerator before you step on it. If you step into the accelerator ridiculously slow, it’s almost unnoticeable. It doesn’t do this any other time, it shifts just fine, it accelerates fine (after the drivetrain is all under the initial force of acceleration. Every time you step on you apply the accelerator, from having your foot completely off of it, it’s like it’s in neutral for a fraction of a second and then slaps into drive. It’s not enough to notice much of anything on the tachometer revving up, it happens so quick, but it’s a violent contact if you really step fast, otherwise it’s just very annoying. You could tap your foot on and off the accelerator and it will just “pop" every time. The other issue (which may be related) is when you let off the accelerator and coast, the car with decelerator faster than it should, requiring more fuel to keep it moving overall (which is why I think it gets 6 MPG less than my taurus sedan. I have two ford Taurus’s, this one is a Taurus GL wagon, my other is a Taurus SE Sedan, same year & engine, which does not slow down when coasting like something is dragging on it, and it is very responsive/smooth when you step on the accelerator, no matter how fast/hard. The 3rd issue with this vehicle, is when I first bought it, it would hesitate and run really ruff when you first started it up and die unless you gave is gas and revved it up, once you got it in gear, this would go away, but you had to give it enough gas to get out of park and get going without it dying. I ran some fuel injection cleaner threw it, and replaced the sparkplugs. It gradually stopped doing this after a few months. But a year and a half later, I took it on some 2-3 hour long highway speed trips. After shutting the car down for about 20-30 min’s at the end of the trip to turn around and go back, it did the same thing, where it was running really ruff. It died a couple times, until I could get it moving, then it ran fine the whole way back (with the constant exception to the accelerator jerking when applied and slowing down when coasting.) It has done this a few recent trips, where after 2-3 of running on the highway, shutting it down, and then it won’t want to start up and run smooth until it gets moving in gear above 20 MPH, then it will be fine until I shut it off. It used to do this no matter how long it was running before, now only on some long trips.
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Thursday, March 18th, 2010 AT 12:23 AM

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Start with the banging when you hit the throttle hard. That one sounds like the front motor mount (Under A/C Compressor) is broken allowing the engine to jump when you hit the gas. If there are any cracks in the boot from the throttle body to the MAF (Air filter box) then they will open up when the engine moves excessively, this too can cause odd driving characteristics. Does it shift nto OD? If so it may be downshifting out of OD sooner than your other car, causing the feel of it slowing down with the trans rather than coasting
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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 AT 4:17 PM

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