1997 Ford Taurus intermintent problem

  • 1997 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 82,000 MILES
I have a 97 ford taurus that has a intermintent trans problem. I was sitting at a traffic light and I acelerated thinking the light was mine. I quickly stabbed the brakes, put in reverse and backed up. I put the car in drive waited for the light to change and when it did the car just sat there and the trans was slipping. If I stepped on the brake, the car would thump into gear, release the pedal the trans would slip. This went on for abot 30 seconds and then the car finally slipped but got out of the intersection. I left the car overnight and came back to pick it up. I took it to a ford dealer and it sat there for a week and when they finally looked at it, they said nothing was wrong. They drove the car back in fourth to and from work all week and no slipping, nothing. My wife drove the car again with no problem and then, a couple of days ago she was sriving, accelerating from a stop let her foot off the gas and when she applied the gas again it slipped she let her foot off again while in motion and then kicked in gear and hasnt done it since. I had the trans completely flushed and new fluid installed and now the car shifts hard between 1-2nd gear and the rest are fine. But it doesnt do it all the time either. This is puzzling techs. And I dont want to rebuild the trans for nothing if there is only a part that needs changing. I am baffled and so is everyone I talk to. Can you help me?
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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 AT 4:53 PM

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I dont know why Ford doesnt know, but there is a bulliten on your tranny, produced by Ford Motor Company, here it is.
AX4N - INTERMITTENT NEUTRAL CONDITION/NO MOVEMENT TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 98-3-7, Date of Issue: February 16, 1998 Related Ref Number(s): 98-3-7 ARTICLE BEGINNING TRANSAXLE - AX4N - INTERMITTENT NEUTRAL CONDITION - NO FORWARD OR REVERSE MOVEMENT - VEHICLES BUILT THROUGH 2/1/98 APPLICATION Model(s): Ford: 1994-98 Taurus Lincoln-Mercury: 1994-98 Sable 1995-98 Continental Bulletin No.: 98-3-7 Date: February 16, 1998 ISSUE Some vehicles may experience an intermittent Neutral condition after driving and coming to a stop. This may be caused by the bonded seal on the forward clutch piston intermittently not sealing during the 3-2 downshift. ACTION Replace the forward clutch piston with a revised Forward Clutch Piston (F8DZ-7A262-AB). Refer to the following SERVICE PROCEDURE for details. SERVICE PROCEDURE Clean and reseal the transaxle completely including replacement of the forward clutch piston with revised forward clutch piston and replace the forward clutch plates if darkened or discolored from heat. Refer to the appropriate Continental Service Manual, Section 07-01, or the appropriate Taurus/Sable Service Manual, Section 07-01B, for details. Be sure to check end clearance on all three (3) select fit thrust washers (#16, #8, #5) and clutch clearances (forward clutch clearance is 1.02 - 1.50mm (0.040 - 0.059")). Be sure to clean and inspect the main control (pump and valve body) and servos. Prior to returning vehicle to customer recheck fluid level at operating temperature. Page 1 of 2 AX4N - INTERMITTENT NEUTRAL CONDITION/NO MOVEMENT -1997 Ford Taurus.


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