1997 Ford Taurus Bad fuel pressure regulator? Or fuel injec

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Engine Performance problem
1997 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 315k miles

I just bought a 97 ford taurus gl with 315k miles has some trouble starting in that when I start it for 1st time in the morning I have to crank it for about 4-6 secs then release and it starts right up after it starts runs smooth. After driving it and shutting off the engine and trying to restart it within minutes to an hour it will not start right away takes about 2-3 mins cranking and it does turn over but seems that it's not getting fuel. If I wait after driving it for it to cool down for an hour it will start just like in morning. Sometimes when it is close to starting i'll press on gas pedal and it will slowly sputter then start, then act like it is going to stall until I give it 4 secs of reving engine. Runs fine again. Never shut off mid driving except once sputtered when pedal was almost floored. ECM was replaced before I bought it. Along with Cat back. And they said recent tune-up I can see new wires for sure. Don't know about anything else. Battery fluid is good. Fuel pressure regulator is rusty compared to "fuel rail"? Vacume connection plug has suction when can is started. Said father in law.

Do you
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Sunday, October 26th, 2008 AT 4:08 PM

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