1996 Ford Taurus GL Rough Idle Problems

  • 1996 FORD TAURUS

Hello there, 96 ford taurus 3.0 liter vulcan, FI, 108,000 miles. Recently had alot of work done to the vehicle, rod bearings, oil pump, 1 piston, new head and gaskets, all new timing including gears, chain, and cover, plugs and wires a year ago, fuel fillter, egr posiition sensor, cam sensor, Here is my problem, in the morning when I first go to start up the car it turns over but wont start when I turn the key back and try to start again it does and sometimes can hear the fuel pump sticking sometimes, either with the car cold or at normal, idle becomes very rough, with my foot on the break car in drive and stopped idles so rough that the oil light starts to flicker, when I put it in N the oil light goes off, but then back into drive oil light flickers and rough idle again while at cruising speeds car shakes a little but not much, other wise on top end she has alot of power please help I am going out of town next week and do not want to get stuck. Also tried a new egr valve but there was no change. I also changed the oil pressure switch yesterday and did not help.

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Monday, February 12th, 2007 AT 6:03 PM

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