1995 Ford Taurus heater core replacement

  • 1995 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 154,000 MILES
How do I change a heater core in my 1995 Taurus? I'm especially concerned about setting off the air bag if I have to take the dash apart. Thank you!
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Friday, November 6th, 2009 AT 4:54 PM

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Step by step as in the book

NOTE:Following disabling procedure should be used for component replacement purposes only.

Disconnect negative and then positive battery cables. Shield both cables. SRS contains a back-up power supply built into air bag diagnostic monitor. Wait at least one minute before servicing any air bag components. System is now disabled. To activate SRS see below,

Connect positive and then negative battery cables. System is now activated. From outside of vehicle (driver-side), turn ignition switch to RUN position. Check AIR BAG warning light for system fault codes. Perform system operation check to ensure SRS is functioning properly

Removal & Installation
Position front wheels in straight-ahead position. Disable air bag system.
Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering column trim shrouds.
Disconnect all electrical connections from steering column switches. Remove cover from under steering column. Remove 4 bolts and reinforcement from under steering column. Disconnect parking brake release control motor from parking brake and ignition switch connector.
Disengage insulator retainer. Remove insulator. Remove 4 nuts and reinforcement below steering column. Remove 4 nuts securing steering column to instrument panel and lower column to front seat. Disconnect PRNDL cable (A/T models).
Ensure ignition switch is locked to prevent steering column from turning. Remove 4 instrument cluster retaining screws. Disconnect speed control cable and vehicle speed sensor (if equipped). Disconnect electrical connectors and remove instrument cluster. At steering column opening, remove one bolt securing instrument panel to brace. Remove one instrument panel brace bolt (below radio area).
Remove sound insulator under glove box by removing 2 push nuts securing insulator to studs on climate control case. Remove glove box door and compartment. Remove air cleaner housing, battery and battery tray. Disconnect wires of main wire loom in engine compartment. Disengage rubber grommet from firewall. Feed wiring into passenger compartment through hole in firewall.
Remove right and left kick panels. Disconnect wires from instrument panel at right and left kick panel sides. Remove screws on left and right sides of instrument panel.
Pull up to unsnap right and left speaker opening covers. Remove speaker covers. Working through steering column and glove box openings, reach under instrument panel and disconnect electrical connectors, vacuum hoses, A/C-heater control panel cables, and radio antenna cable.
Support instrument panel. Remove 3 screws attaching top of instrument panel to cowl top. Disconnect remaining wires. Remove instrument panel. To install instrument panel, reverse removal procedure.

Removal & Installation
Remove instrument panel and evaporator case. Remove vacuum line from heater core tube seal. Remove seal from heater core tubes. Remove 3 blend door actuator-to-evaporator case screws.
Remove actuator and cold engine lock-out switch from case. Remove 4 heater core access cover mounting screws, access cover, seal and heater core from evaporator case. To install, reverse removal procedure. Fill cooling system and check for leaks. Evacuate, recharge and leak test A/C system
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