1991 Ford Taurus



June, 15, 2009 AT 5:12 PM

Brakes problem
1991 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi_I had a brake pedal seeping down so replaced rear wheel cylinders (drum) and then the master cyl.-After bleeding the system the pedal feels good and firm but after starting engine pedal goes down even worse than before-tried a second m. Cyl. And had same results. This car is not equipped with ABS or at least I don't think so (has no wires or sprockets at the wheels) Have re-bled the system several times-have good flow at all wheels. The car has decent brakes on the road but still goes to the floor after a few seconds--Any ideas? Thanks. Dennis
PS-1991 Taurus GL w 3.0


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June, 18, 2009 AT 4:15 PM

By all accounts, your problem should have been fixed. Suspect a leak in a brake line. Does the fluid level remain at the proper level? These cars have had some issues with brake lines rusting through in the area above the gas tank.

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