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I am trying to remove the inner tie rods from a Ford Taurus Sedan. I was able to get the out tie rods off and the dust bellows off the rack and put the tie rod removal tool on the tie rod. However, it will not budge. I did check a service manual and it shows a coil pin in the tie rod end. How do you get these out without removing the rack? I think these are factory original inner tie rods. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

D. L. Ward
Memphis, Tennessee
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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 AT 8:55 PM

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Most had a pin that was more like a pop rivet. Either way, if you have not been able to break the tie rod loose, you have not yet had any interference from the pin. Normally, once you have broken loose the thread, the pin is pushed out by the threads as the pin comes into contact with them I suggest that you turn the rack to extend the one you are trying to break loose to the stop. Use an adjustable to support the rack, and apply more force to break it loose. Once you have loosened it a full turn, you will know if the pin is causing any interference. There is a tool made for removing the spring pins when so equipped. If the pin looks more like a pop rivet, you can just hit it with a chisel and it will usually pop out without too much trouble.
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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 AT 6:17 PM

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