1995 Ford Ranger



December, 23, 2006 AT 2:02 PM

1995 Ford Ranger: 211,000 miles. I'm having a problem starting this truck. I'm not sure where the problem could be. I've changed the solenoid, the starter, the battery connections, and I still get the same issue. When I turn the key over to start, the power seems to surge to the solenoid, but stops there. Any suggesstions?


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December, 23, 2006 AT 4:49 PM

What do you mean by " the power seems to surge to the solenoid, but stops there"?
Are you sure you rewired it correctly?



December, 23, 2006 AT 9:01 PM

Yes I put it back like it was, but it sounds like the power makes a noise like a thump when I turn the key. That is what I meant by stopping



December, 23, 2006 AT 10:13 PM

Tony--It sounds like you may not be getting enough power to your starter or the starter itself may be bad. Even though it's a new starter it can still be bad, it happens all the time. You should check the battery and wiring between before checking the starter. Here are some specifics to check: Basic Check

a. Test for main system voltage. Turn headlights on, if they turn on and are bright the electrical system has sufficient voltage. If not, the battery needs to charged (bad alternator) or the battery is bad and needs to be replaced. Check the battery cable terminals for corrosion and clean or replace as needed.

B. Starter voltage/amperage draw test. Turn Headlight on, watch the headlights and crank the engine. If the headlights stay bright your starter motor is probably bad and needs to be replaced. If headlights dim it could mean your starter motor is shorted or your battery is weak. (Note: always replace battery cables with excessive signs of corrosion)

c. Testing neutral safety switch/clutch safety switches. Use a automotive test light check for power when the ignition switch is in the crank position. First check for power at the small terminal at the starter solenoid. If power is present the starter motor is bad and needs to be replaced. If no power is present move to the neutral safety switch/clutch safety switch. Check for power through the switch if power does not pass through switch it need to be replaced if no power is present the ignition switch is bad and needs replacing.

D. Testing the anti theft device. Most cars have a anti theft device the will not let the car turn over. If this system malfunctions the car will not crank over even after the alarm has been disabled. To test this system observe the " security" light on the dash or instrument cluster. If this light flashes while the key is in start position the security system is in failsafe mode. If you have a aftermarket alarm system in your car and you think it may be suspect locate the main system interrupted relay and bypass main circuit control. If car cranks over the alarm system is bad and needs to be replaced.

E. Checking for internal engine damage. If your engine has had a major malfunction it will not turn over. The best way to check for that condition is install a socket wrench on the front crankshaft bolt, then try to rotate, it will turn with a certain degree of difficulty. If it doesn't turn then you need to disassemble the engine to inspect or install a new engine.

Good luck

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