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December, 5, 2006 AT 7:40 PM

I have a 1989 ford ranger pickup/extended cab w/ 2.3 L 4cyl. Its 2WD has 2 spark plugs per cyl, no distributer. The timing sensor is on the crankshaft. The truck has always ran pretty good. It has only 106,000 miles which is pretty good for that year. It started to have a miss in it at any rpm lower than 2k. It went from not too bad to not even running. When I crank it, it has the sound of incorrect spark timing. I replaced the timing belt about 4k miles ago with no problems. I have a generic manual that shows me how to test the coils, which I did. The ignition control mod. Costs $129 and the timing sensor is $67. I hate to be just a parts replacer and $$ is tight around the holidays. Is there any way that I can check these parts? I have multi-meters and a good knowledge of electric. Thank you to anyone who can help


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Bruce Hunt

December, 6, 2006 AT 7:21 AM

If the spark is still a strong blue spark you should be able to eliminate a bunch of items. We aren't allowed access to any electrical diagrams for the vehicles, but there are a couple of other sensors that could be present as well. For instance, you could think about a camshaft position sensor, now I suspect that this is probably the timing sensor that you refer to. There might also be a crankshaft position sensor and or a TDC sensor. Someone else might be able to give you a means for testing any of these sensors. How about it guys?



December, 6, 2006 AT 7:42 AM

Hey allen,
Bruce makes a good point, one test for the crank sensor is w/ a DVOM, place it on ohms readout and test through the sensor, its only a good test if the sensor windings are " open" though. A labscope is necessary for further testing.

Can't remember if the '89 was distributor or DIS though, if its distributor then the ign module/pickup may be toast and DVOM testing again is sketchy, your local parts supplier may have a free module tester onsite and they may be able to help you there.

If its DIS then again crank or cam sensor may be in question. Its a tough call w/out some special equip!



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