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November, 10, 2006 AT 9:21 AM

I recently purchased a 1999 Ford Ranger XL w/ 19,972 miles on it; it's an automatic. It was an old government vehicle, so I assume it actually sat for a while (not being run). I love it! I do have one question though, I have only ever driven Honda's so I'm not sure about this----is it normal for brakes to just kind of squeal or screech (only when going forward and stopping, not backing up). Before I bought it 2 days ago, it just passed inspection on Oct. 24th--surely it would not have passed if the brakes were bad. Any ideas?

Thanks for help!


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November, 10, 2006 AT 9:33 AM

It wouldn't hurt to check the brakes to be on the safe side. Pads usually come with wear indicators, so as the pads wear the indicator will hit the rotor causing a squeal to let the driver know its time to replace the brakes. However there are all kinds of different squeals brake could make and the pads are still good. Usually when this happens its due to rotor glazed over and the metallic fibers in the pads make noise. Also if the pads vibrate they'll make noise. If the brakes need changing, and you plan on doing this yourself I would advise that you replace the pads and rotors and buy some( brake quiet) this is a real sticky substance you put on the non friction side of the pad to reduce vibration. Also, purchace pads with anti squeal shims

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