1990 Ford Ranger



November, 14, 2006 AT 12:05 PM

I own a 1991 Ford Ranger 4. OL V6 2wd/ auto transmission extended cab with a 6 foot bed. W/ 98,000 original miles, I don't drive it much.

First, when I attempt to start my truck the starter grinds, I pulled the started took it to the auto shop and of course warrenty test shows no problems, so before buying a new starter I thought I would check other problems.

The starter makes a grinding noise; however, when I turn the engine over manually it engages, but the engine still makes a grinding sound it sometimes starts.

Second, My truck then will drive rough and shakes a little due to the engine then when I reach a stop sign where it stalls. I checked spark wires they are fine, spark plugs are new, but might need regapping, though I doubt that is the problem. I tried better fuel but to no use.

My grandfather thinks it is the starters clutch, a lowly $100 and ten min change for a new starter, they wont give me my warrenty for a new one. Conversely, I think that it could be my belt (the one that runs around the fly wheel alternator), or my vacumme. Or a combination.

I would like to get others professional opinions before I start to splurge the little money I don' thave left.

Thank you,
Mic Mason


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November, 14, 2006 AT 12:11 PM

If the starter is partially engaged to the flywheel while the truck is running, that could throw off the balance and make the truck run rough. Usually when the the starter is grinding, it's because it's loose.



November, 14, 2006 AT 2:12 PM

The truck is a V6 4.0L. I think that the starter is bad. But, I cannot mannually turn the engine over by hand. I can get it a quater of a turn. I was wondering if the compression builds up and this makes it difficult to manually turn an engine over? Or is there something wrong with the trucks engine.

Could removing the sparkplugs make turning the engine over if it is the compression?

Thank you for your responses.



November, 14, 2006 AT 2:43 PM

Yes, compression would make the engine hard to turn. Try putting a breaker bar with the right size socket on the bolt that goes through the balancer and turn the engine like that. If it is on the compression stroke, the engine will be hard to turn. Removing the plugs would help let air out and make it easier.

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