2001 Ford Ranger

  • 2001 FORD RANGER
Engine Cooling problem
2001 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Manual 96000 miles

Repaced head gasget. Now my truck will not start Do I have to reset the timing
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Monday, December 29th, 2008 AT 10:18 PM

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You do not need to reset the timing unless you removed the timing chain. Double check you have everything back in the correct order. Is it turning over but not firing up. Is it completely dead?

Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain cooling system. Remove intake manifolds. See INTAKE MANIFOLD. Discharge A/C system using approved refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment. Disconnect refrigerant hoses from A/C compressor, and plug openings. Disconnect harness connector and remove A/C compressor and mounting bracket.
Remove alternator. Remove power steering pump and bracket with hoses attached, and secure aside. Remove alternator mounting bracket. Remove front A/C compressor mounting bracket. Disconnect wiring harness connectors, ground leads, vacuum hoses and coolant hoses as necessary. Remove exhaust manifolds. See EXHAUST MANIFOLD.
Remove ignition wires from spark plugs. Remove ignition coil and bracket. Remove electronic vacuum regulator. Remove valve covers. Mark component location for reassembly reference and remove rocker arms and push rods. Remove cylinder head bolts and discard. Remove cylinder head. Remove and discard cylinder head gasket.
Clean all sealing surfaces. Inspect cylinder head for cracks and warpage. Machine cylinder head if warpage exceeds.003" (0.08 mm). See CYLINDER HEAD SPECIFICATIONS table under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS.
CAUTION:Do not machine more than.010" (.25 mm) from original cylinder head or cylinder block surface.

Check cylinder block deck surface for warpage. Machine cylinder block if warpage exceeds specification. See CYLINDER BLOCK table under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS.
Install NEW cylinder head gasket with the "V" notch in gasket facing toward front of engine. Install cylinder head. Install NEW cylinder head bolts and tighten to specification in 4 steps, and in sequence. See Fig. 6. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
NOTE:Install NEW cylinder head bolts. DO NOT reuse bolts.
Fig. 6: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.

Using NEW gaskets, install exhaust manifolds. Install front A/C compressor mounting bracket. Install alternator mounting bracket. Install power steering pump. Install alternator. Install A/C compressor. Using NEW gaskets, install intake manifolds.
Install push rods in original location. Install rocker arms in original locations. Tighten rocker arm bolts to specification in 2 steps. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Using NEW gaskets, install valve covers.
NOTE:Ensure to fully seat rocker arms into cylinder head and push rods into rocker arm sockets prior to final tightening.

To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Tighten all fasteners to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 AT 8:55 AM

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