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Electrical problem
1999 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 89,748 miles

Tonight my speedometer stopped working. Along with that I am hearing a clicking sound in the cab, this sound continues even when the vehicle is off. When you open the door and the cab light comes on, the light flickers off and on to the clicking sound. I have tracked down one relay that the clicking can be heard coming from and felt thru. When I took this relay out, the light in my cab went out, but the clicking sound continued from somewhere else in the dash.

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 AT 5:08 PM

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Hello.. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

Is the clicking definately coming from the dash area .. could you check the 4WABS module in engine compartment !! let me know


Turn ignition off. Remove instrument cluster. See INSTRUMENT CLUSTER under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Disconnect instrument cluster connector C216. Measure voltage between ground and instrument cluster connector C216 terminal No. 7 (White/Yellow wire). See Fig. 4 . If voltage is more than 10 volts, go to next step. If voltage is less than 10 volts, repair open in White/Yellow wire between instrument cluster connector and fuse No. 25 located in interior fuse panel and retest system.
NOTE:Measurements must be made at speedometer gauge pins inside instrument cluster printed circuit clips.

Measure resistance of printed circuit. See SPEEDOMETER PRINTED CIRCUIT MEASUREMENTS table. If all resistance values are less than one ohm, go to next step. If resistance in any circuit is one ohm or more, replace instrument cluster printed circuit.
Disconnect 4-Wheel Anti-lock Brakes (4WABS) 25-pin connector C154. 4WABS connector C154 is located in left rear corner of engine compartment. Measure resistance of Gray/Black wire between instrument cluster connector C215 terminal No. 1 and 4WABS connector C154 terminal No. 19. See Fig. 2 and Fig. 7 . If resistance is less than 5 ohms, replace speedometer. If resistance is more than 5 ohms, repair open in Gray/Black wire between instrument cluster connector and 4WABS harness connector and retest system.
Fig. 7: Identifying 4WABS Connector C154 Terminals
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.

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