1994 Ford Ranger



December, 3, 2007 AT 4:44 PM

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1994 Ford Ranger V6 Four Wheel Drive Manual 178000 miles

I've been having engaging my 4x4 in my ranger. When I push the button on the dash, it would normally light up after a second and I could hear a little buzz noise and I could feel the 4x4 engage, and the 4x4 light would light up. Now when I push the button, the light doesn't turn on and the 4x4 won't turn on. I put some dielectric grease on the electric connection behind the transfer case, but to no avail, if you could suggest something for me to do that would be very much appreciated.


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December, 5, 2007 AT 11:26 AM

Sounds like you have a prblem with the motor for the transfer case. Probalyl going bad or is bad. Should start there hope it helps let me know pat



December, 6, 2007 AT 12:22 AM

When you engage thee 4x4 listen for the silinoid module that is located behind the stereo in thee dash you will hear clicking, and another question when you engage 4x4 and leave it in does the 4hi 4low lights come on and flash occasionally? If it is the transfer case motor I would think you could be able to take a test llight on the power plug to it to see if it is even getting power but you would need to be under with the light ready and someone turning the 4x4 switch to try this so try these methods first and get back to me

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