1991 Ford Ranger



November, 18, 2006 AT 10:56 AM

The truck will not turn over.I tried manually this will not work, I even removed the sparkplugs.

The truck is a V6 4.0 auto 2WD. Now I changed the starter this was not the problem. It worked. But it won't turn the engine over.

Every thing works as far as the starter goes.

so I removed the sparkplugs to reduce compression so I could manually turn the engine over, but to no luck.

I am thinking that the flywheel could be bad, even though the gear itself is fine.

or could it be the piston rod? Could that have busted? I am only an avid mechanic I never wanted to work on engines, to the extent of tearing down.

What do you think? Thank you for your responses.


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November, 19, 2006 AT 10:38 AM

Dear Mic,
I get the impression that the starting system is ok and you said you tried to turn the engine by hand. I hate to say this but it sounds like the engine seized. When you turned the engine by hand did you use a socket and ratchet on the crank shaft bolt to turn the engine or with your bare hands. The use of a flywheel wrench is really the way to go when trying to turn the engine by hand. If you can borrow or buy one then you can see for sure if the engine is seized. Also check the dip stick to see if there is any oil in the motor. Check the coolant level too. If the motor did seize this would mean you ran the engine with no oil, a loss of oil pressure or over heated the engine causing the motor to seize.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.



November, 19, 2006 AT 11:01 AM

Thanks Backyard.

Most of my tools are back at home.
So I did what I usually tried in the past on others by hand, but this was the first time I never could get anything, the belt will pull off but not turn.

I was thinking about buying a breaker bar (again, as I came to college and didn't have room for all my tools) and give it a shot but thought I would wait for better advice.

Nope, oil was fine. But I did have coolent in the truck, then it was half empty, but no leaks. I am sure someone drained it on me, all it takes to drain the system half way as we know is a valve.

So I was praying myself that someone could give me some type of advice.

I will try the breaker bar; however, I don't have an engine puller and fear that it had seized.

SO thank you very much for your advice, I'll give it a shot, but I am sure it is screwed.



November, 19, 2006 AT 11:29 AM

Since your coolant level is lower than usual it sounds to me like it may be draining into your motor like a bad head when it was running was white smoke coming out of the exhaust if you had a bad head leak then your coolant could have went into your motor and screwed up your crank bearings and locked your motor up I hopethat isn't it and when you checked the oil was it white I have a 1991 with 178, 00 miles in it and nothing major on the engine has ever gone wrong so you must have done something

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