1999 Ford Puma Problems worsened over 2 weeks

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1999 Ford Puma Manual 100000 miles

I read Q&A from someone with problems similar to mine and want to check it is the same thing. It started 2 weeks ago with battery light staying on solid when started (not everytime very random and no struggle to start), after few minutes driving all electrical power started dimming (windows, dashlights, headlights an stereo) after 10 minutes driving battery light would go off and everything else back to normal like there wasnt' a problem. This happened approx 6 times in 1 week idle speed also a little too high so didnt cut out.

The last week it has worsened when started battery light stays on and all the above happens, but now instead of returning to normal all the dashboard dials stop working (as though engine is off i.E speedo, temp and petrol) and accelerator loses power which makes the car chugg along, idle speed drops. It either cuts out or I pull over and turn engine off, it wont restart straight away (makes a dead battery noise then a clicking) after 10 minutes it starts without problem and everything is normal, or battery light will stay on and it does all this again.

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, February 8th, 2009 AT 9:35 AM

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