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June, 27, 2007 AT 8:30 PM

Ford Probe GT 2.5L

When the car accelerates past 3 rpms, the car severely jerks randomly all the way to the red line. Even when you hold the car past 3rpms driving normal, it will jerk. It feels like the gas and air cut out.
The mechanic has replaced:
Distributor and put one in that they know works and still the same problem
Spark Plugs/Wires
Fuel Filter
Wiring in the cam sensor
Wiring in the MAF sensor
MAF replaced
Fuel Pump
Timing is checked
TPS sensor

The check engine light gives a misfire code and TPS sensor problem
I made sure the TPS sensor is correctly fitted and used the fan method to install. I bought fuel injectors off a different ford probe that was being parted and possibly will put those in but I need help on this one. Please help would be greatly appreciated.

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