Need help keeping my 89 Probe alive and happy.

  • 1989 FORD PROBE

My car is as old as I am. It used to belong to my grandpa, and it just recently fell into my hands as a Christmas present. The heater is busted, but I think thats out of my skill and financial level right now. The engine has trouble starting up every now and then, I think thats an electrical problem because when it happens I just throw it in neutral and it starts up right away. When I'm idling the engines RPM fluctuates, and I can see the tachometer slowly move up and down. Once when I was idling, the engine came to a stop. Also when I'm idling in Drive, the car shakes pretty violently. The first time I filled up the tank at the pump, I noticed some sort of grimy build up inside and around the threads of the gas cap.

Is there any kind of fuel additive or solvent I can use to make it run smoother, and maybe clean out some of the internals?

I greatly appreciate any advice, thank you!


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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 AT 4:32 PM

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