1995 Ford Probe Engine misidles and Power Windows

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Engine Performance problem
1995 Ford Probe 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 179200 miles

I have a 1995 Ford Probe 6 cyl. With all power options including windows seat, and sunroof. All of a sudden neither the passenger or driver's window will roll down. I have replace the fuse in the kick panel even though it was not blown and I have replaced the switch in the drivers door that has the power component attached to the back side of the switch. Even with the new swicth the windows will not roll down. The sunroof still works but I believe it is on a different circuit. I contacted Ford and was told that the drivers side panel swicth also powers the apssengers side switch so if neither will work then it has to be something in the power side window. At this point though I am stumped on where to go to from here. Ford said there may be a relay that is a general relay under the hood that is not marked for the pow wind, I have yet to find a diagram that shows what realys power what and am also having trouble finding a diagram for the PW electrical system. Please Help

I also have another question, the car seems to idle at 5-700 rpm but when I hit the gas to take off from a sit still the car bogges down and seems like it is missing terribly but if I ease off the gas just a little and then progressively slowly engaged the gas pedal the car will go, then when switching through gears this happens as well so to keep it from bogging down you have to ease off the clutch and push the gas very slowly to keep the car from acting as if it is does not want to move after hitting fourth gear this no longer happens. It only happens in 1-3rd gear. I have put a new alternator, plugs, wires, distributor, and had the timing set and then rechecked. My next step is to replace the fuel filter to see if the car is just not getting enough gas to the injectors when the fuel is needed, if this does not solve my problem are there any other suggestions? Could the rings or pistons be bad and if so how long will the car be drivable before it shuts the car down? I plan on putting a new motor and transmission in it but not until next year before giving it to my son but I am concerned as to whether the car will make it for another year.

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Friday, August 13th, 2010 AT 9:46 PM

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