1993 Ford Probe



August, 20, 2010 AT 4:32 PM

Engine Performance problem
1993 Ford Probe 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

Ive got a 93 probe se. The check engine light stays on. When it starts it will run fine. But after it warms up, if the check engine light shuts off, when you give it gas, it will run erratic almost like a timing issue, then die. It wont start back up until the check enging light turns back on and it will run fine. But if it is off, it will die and miss out heavily, backfire and jump rpms from 500 to 2500 and hit and miss on cylinders. Blocked off the egr valve, and still had the problem. Im lost at this point.


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August, 20, 2010 AT 4:45 PM

You need to get the stored code numbers first.

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