GT 2.5L 138,000 MILES

1993 Ford Probe



July, 12, 2007 AT 7:25 PM

We bought a 1993 Ford P: robe GT about a year ago. We were told that the car had been sitting for almost 2 years. We have been working on it since to get it running right. We have replaced the TPS, the thermostat, the water pump, the rocker cover gaskets (oil was leaking into the spark plug tubes), the air intake and a couple of vacuum hoses and the spark plugs. The problem I am now having is that when the car warms up, when in first and second gear and accelerating. I am getting misfires but as soon as I hit third gear, the car smooths out and has absolutely now problems. There is no loss of power or speed. It just starts misfiring. It first started only while under a load but now does it under a load or on a level. The check engine light is on but unfortunately, no one around this town has the adapter needed to hook to the Diagnosis connection. Before this, the car was great on gas but since this started, the car is using much more gas than it did. Any help is really appreciated. This is a 2 year rebuild but I cannot go any further until I can figure out why this is happening.


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