1993 Ford Probe 93 Probe dies in neutral, will not accelera

  • 1993 FORD PROBE

Engine Performance problem
1993 Ford Probe 4 cyl 150k miles

I cannot start my car without immediately putting gas to it. When I have the clutch in or if it's in neutral, the RPMS will just fall until it dies. It has no problem in gear when I'm giving it gas except that it will not accelerate like it used to. It is a bit sluggish. I changed the fuel filter, the air filter, cleaned the MAF sensor, and put in new spark plugs. I also tested the spark plug wires and they had good spark. I just recently changed my water pump and messed up the timing and my car wouldn't start. At that point I didn't know it was the timing and I thought I had a fuel pump issue. So, I rented a fuel pressure gauge and tested it. I could not test the pressure while the car was running since it wouldn't start, but it did build up to 45 psi after turning the key on/off a few times. After that, I took everything back apart to fix the timing and then my car finally started. Now, I'm trying to solve this issue which I've had for awhile but not as bad. Sometimes it could stay alive on it's own. Now it won't at all. Before I never had problems accelerating except on rare occasions. Any suggestions to what this could be?

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Sunday, June 14th, 2009 AT 12:36 AM

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