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Our 2006 freestar acts like the traction control is kicking on and off. This has happened 4 times. Every time it has happened it has been after a right turn. The van stutters and the traction control lights flashes.
The only way we can get it to stop is by turning the van off. It has happened on dry roads and the van was not wet. 3 times that it has happened it was parked on a slight incline and after backing down the driveway came to a stop, pulled foward about 20 feet made a right turn, drove about 50 yards then the traction control light comes on and it starts to stutter. Other wise it has been a great vehicle and we love it. The tech at a Ford Dealer could not get it to screw up while he test drove it. It had no errors so he had no idea of what to do. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

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Friday, February 10th, 2006 AT 3:10 PM

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