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Hey, Guys!
I haven't been here for a while (thank the Lord!), But have run into a car that is really getting to me.
I don't know if you remember me, I run a car repair ministry out of my church; free labor and parts at cost, or if necessary, we help buy the parts if we can.
Anyway, a month ago the pastor called me to tell me about a woman who was travelling through and her starter quit.
Sorry, I forgot: '95 Nissan Infinity Q45 w/ a 4.5L, AT, and odometer that stopped at 92860.
Long story short, I replaced the starter (which I will try never to do on my back in a parking lot again), gave her enough money for the night at the motel and thought that was the end of it.
THREE weeks ago she called me early in the a.M. And said she had been sleeping in her car but it quit running. I went over and found a bad alt, charged it enough to get it to my home and went to fix it. It took a week to get the part which was under warranty, w/ her sleeping on my couch and not being a very nice house guest.
Alternater in, car charging fine, see'ya. Nope. As she was leaving I heard the worst noise I've ever heard from brakes. Left rear caliper was riding on the remains of her rotor, no inside pad at all. I had to order the parts (it's a small town and we don't see many Infinitys here), wait for replacement caliper as first was defective, and finally had both rears set. Now my problem is, I don't know how to bleed her ABS system, and can't even get a manual locally. PLEASE help me with this, the poor woman is half psychotic (I'm not joking), and I NEED to get her out of my house, partially because my disability pension isn't intended for two, and secondly because I am developing some of her problems.
Now, just for fun, I left the best for last. Last year all but the driver's power windows quit at once, but she couldn't afford to do anything about it. Now, some helpful soul tried to unlock her car with a coat hanger and it now won't go up or down or stay up if lifted. This is an area that I'm not very good at, with (the cable type regulators), so if you, or anyone could guide me through a typical problem, I would be eternally grateful. The thing is, now that she has decided to stay in this area, she needs an inspection, and it won't pass if all of the windows aren't working. I am assuming that with the three pasengers going at once that I'll find a problem with the child safety lock button in the center console. If I get some slack in the driver's window cable and apply B+ & B-, the motor will run just long enough to take up the slack and then blows the breaker in my power probe.(In either direction, reversing the leads) I also can't figure out why there are six wires leaving the single swithch, yet only two arrive at the motor.
PLEASE will someone, or everyone, get me through this? Running the ministry can be very rewarding but I've reached my limits (and the funds are all gone). Thank-you and may God Bless anyone who can help me with any, or all of this. Actually I hope tht He blesses everyone anyway!

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 AT 10:42 PM

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