My Nightmare Oil Leak 1998 Ford Festiva Episode 1

  • 1998 FORD

: The other day I bought a 1998 Ford Festiva for 400 bucks CDN. The Car Has 348,000 KMS on it. Now when I bought it they told me it leaked a little bit of Oil so I thought ok I might as Well buy it and I would fix the oil leak myself. BIG MISTAKE. After buying the car I drove it about 5 minuetes to the gas station and checked the oil and wouldnt you know it, bone dry. So I put about 4 liters of oil in and drive another 20 minuetes to my house. On the way there I noticed tons of smoke comeing out of the exhaust (Blue) as well as a huge vibration throughout the entire Car everytime I touched the brakes. When I got it home I checked the Oil again and again almost no oil and a huge Leak under the passenger side of the engine. So any normal person would have taken the car back immediatly but no I persist on Knowing I can fix this Problem. So since then I have replaced the valve stem seals, the valve cover gasget the oil pan gasget the front crankshaft and camshaft seals. AND IT HAS NOT FIXED A THING. It Still burns and Leaks about 3 Liters every 45 minuetes of driveing time. The Main leak is right Under the frfront right hand side of engine and looks to comeing from the front corner of the oil pan gasget that I put on, also my valve cover gasket has not leaked a drop. My question is how much goop do I put on the oil pan gasket when I did it with the hanes book it said just the corners of the thing and those rounded out parts on the ends. Its just a rubber gasket but should I have used goop all the way around cause the book made it sound like just enough to hold the gasket in place while you put the pan back on also do the bolts need to be torked? And if I put on new piston rings and berrings will that get rid of the Oil Burning?

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Monday, March 6th, 2006 AT 3:24 PM

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