1997 Ford



June, 15, 2006 AT 5:54 PM

Hi I have a question I have a 97 cadillac catera 72,000 miles a v6 and 3.0 engine. My question is recently I got my brakes fixed at the mechanic shop car was fine just the brake pads were bad and needed changed, well the car came back and the brakes worked but shortly after I got back from there the car started to act up, when I put my foot on the gas even just a little bit the engine started to rev by itself and then the car would jerk. Well eventually I got home and I decied to turn the car off and then on again well the transmisson light came on not flashing just stayed on and the check engine light came on, can it be that it is just low on transmission fluid or is the transmission bad or going bad I haven't fille the fluid since I got it I have had it for 5 months now.I am wondering if since on this car the thing to check it is on the bottom if they may have took some out when they fixed the brakes to make us come back and get money? What do you think it is please let me know I really can; t afford a new transmission.


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