96 Ford Bronco 351

  • 1996 FORD

I have a 96 ford bronco with a 351 in it sometimes when I start it up it stalls right away before it gets to idle speed it will do this a few times in a row then it will start and run fine sometimes you can crank it but it will not start kick or do anything but after about the third time of turning the key off and trying to start it it will start and run fine and sometime it will start up and run great. Weather or not it starts and runs right away once it is running it runs great and have no problems. This problem doesnt seem to be weather related or anything it is random but is starting to happen more frequently I have just recently replaced the o2 sensors becaus it was giving me a code for lean fuel mixture bank 1 and bank 2 I have also replaced the fuel pressure regulator, cap and rotor, plugs, wires, fuel filter, oil and filter, and also put a cold air intake on it. I am starting to think it is a fuel pump problem you can hear it running but wondering if it is going bad I put a fuel pressure tester on it and it runs around 30psi if you hit the gas it dips down to about 28psi but jumps back up to 30psi right away I tested this pressure at the srader valve on the rail does anybody know what the fuel pressure is supposed to be and if it is my fuel pump I dont have the money to be replacing lots of parts so I just want to replace the right one help!

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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 AT 3:36 AM

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