2003 Taurus SES CAM&Crank Shaft, PCM & Alternator Pr

  • 2003 FORD

Was hoping someone might be able to provide some input on my problem. The story is a little long, so please forgive me.

The vehicle went in under warranty with P0340 and P1336 codes. The Synchronizer Assembly, (Part # 12A362AA) Sensor Assembly for the Camshaft, (Part # 6B288BA) and Crank Timing Sensor (Part # 6C315AA) were replaced.

Within a month the problem returned with a P1336 code and they told me the Cam Position Sensor Circuit was open in the PCM and that the sensor was fine so the PCM was bad. They replaced the PCM. (Part 12A650GYC).

About a month after that the check engine light came on again and sure enough, P1336. A "Ford Engineer" came out to the dealership and determined that the alternator was producing a bad/dirty signal and interfering with the cam position sensor signal. They replaced the alternator (Part 2F1Z-10346-DA).

Guess what - it's about 8 months later and the check engine light in back (it came back once before about 6 months ago, but they claim it was just a P1000 code and cleared it) and it's the P1336 code AGAIN!

It's out of warranty now, and they claim all the parts they replaced under warranty are still good, and have determined the entire wiring harness needs to be replaced, at my cost, unless Ford decides to assist in the repair.

Any advise/thoughts/ideas? Could it have been the wiring harness all along and never been diagnosed right?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006 AT 10:43 PM

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