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I have a ford ranger and the oil pressure guage has been acting up for almost a year now. After heavy driving when I goto stop at a intersection the oil pressure gauge starts going crazy from mid point on the gauge to zero or just " bounces" irratically. It was to the point where the engine would almost stall and make a noise like no oil was present. I have checked and repaired the following:

checked for vaccum leaks.

replaced oil pressure sensor

engine pulled to have oil pump replaced

rear main seal and oil pan seal replaced

torq convertor (since everything was pulled out I figured id replace it)

All of this was done a month ago and it was running good, but now its started again. It seems that the oil pressure is lost when I turn the steering wheel. I have no clue why there would be a loss in oil pressure, but after I have been driving for awhile say 25-40miles when im at a light the gauge flickers from the mid point and when I turn the steering wheel I can make the oil pressure gauge drop the needle to zero if its turned to the extreme right or left.

does anyone know what the problem might be, I have dropped almost a grand into this damn thing and im getting tired of this happening

Friday, September 8th, 2006 AT 6:58 PM

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