1995 Ford Escort LX SW 1.9L Automatic

  • 1995 FORD

63K miles, well maintenance. Just change timing and other belts, water pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, ctalitic conv. Engine run well. Problem is on ignition (no mater cold or hot) when turn the key to contact and the dash indicators lit, there are "rattle" noise from the AC Relay along with radiator fan start? Some time holding the brake pedal shifting to R or D position, the "rattle" noise stoped and everythings going well - engine start and work good as usual. If try to start engine while the relay "rattle" and fan running, it started but working rough and right after shifting stall and "check engine" lits. I tried to remove AC relays but same "rattle" noise came from under battery (or near). I Didn't find other relay there! This problem appear more often when engine is hot, but also some time morning at normal temperature!
The car is from US but I'm in Eastern Europe where can't do the electronic test and code check. Also I found if got the radiator fan start (cold engine) and relays noising I remove the fan fuse from main fuse block and then fan stoped and "rattle" noise too. After that engine start and car run well. I return the fuse!
Any help! Thanks!

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, August 21st, 2006 AT 1:01 PM

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