1995 Escort Si Burning Oil.

  • 1995 FORD

Hi, I hope you can help. I have 2 Questions.

I have a 1995 1.6Litre Ford Escort Si. Its done 82,000 miles in 11 years so under average.
The car itself has been looked after for its age and the body and interior is great condition.
Im currently not the richest of people at the minute though as ive just bought a new house and have a baby on the way so buying another car is kinda off limits at the moment.

I bought the car at 81,000 miles. When I bought it I topped up the oil. At 82,000 I noticed there was a tapping noise. Me not knowing much on car mechanics I called out my breakdown provider who checked the car and said I needed oil as the oil was under the minimum mark. He topped it up and the noise has stopped.
He said that he thinks its burning oil.

He sugested keeping the oil topped up but couldnt tell me if any damage was done to the car. It doesnt seem to have done anything to my knowledge as the car drives fine now.

What can I do to get as much time as I can out of the car until im in a situation to buy another car?

2nd Question.
When I bought the car I noticed the indicator switch which also controls the headlights went hot when I had the headlights on. I got it checked out and I needed to buy a new indicator/headlight/wiper unit which set me back £85.00.

It solved the problem and also meant I had full use of my lights as at the time I only had Full Beam lights.
So anyway, the lights are working. One night I pulled up and switched the engine off without turning the lights on, took the key out and the engine was still running. Weird!
switching the lights off then turned the engine off.
I made sure from then that I turned the lights off before the engine. Then I noticed all of a sudden after about 4 weeks that turning the engine off with the lights on switched the engine off. So I thought, Oh, its back to normal now. But now ive noticed the indicator switch is starting to get warm and this is a new switch.

Any sugestions?

As I said, I need to try and get as much time (preferbly 6 months) out of the car before im in a situation to buy a new one.

Any help will be muchly apreciated.



Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, October 12th, 2006 AT 4:07 PM

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