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Hi I am the owner of a 1991 Ford Explorer. I noticed I have alot of problems with this car, and I was hoping maybe you could help me out with as much as you know of. Well, first off. When I go to start the car with a cold engine, it takes several cranks to get the engine running, and when it does it usually only goes up to about 400 rpm for about 3 or 4 seconds and then goes to the reccomended 800 rpm. Also, when the engine starts it sounds like it has a knock in it, but it immediately goes away. And sometimes the engine will shake the car. It has only happened to me twice, which was the last two times I started it from a cold engine. My friend has a Ford truck and his also makes that sound at startup. Anyway, back to the problem. If I try to start the car with a warm engine. It starts right up, with no engine noise at all. And it's not the fuel filter because I just put a brand new one in there. Another problem with the explorer would be when I drive it for awhile and the engine is warm when I try to park and throw it into reverse for the first time since the car was running it jerks into reverse. The transmission is newer. I just replaced it about a year and a month ago. I do drive it heavily so there is no idea on how many miles ive put on it since then. Also, when I brake hard I hear the same popping noise. Or when I turn the wheel past a certain point, I hear another popping noise. Not sure if it is the same noise or not. Also, I just replaced the power steering pump not too long ago and it still makes a whine when I turn the wheel, but not loud enough to sound like the pump is bad. And sometimes ill hear a low-noised squeel when I turn the wheel as well as the pump noise. I replaced the tires last week so I dont think that it has to do with those. And the last thing. I recently replaced the heater core and it doesnt get as hot as it used to when the heat is on. I can still feel heat coming out of the vents even after I shut the heat off. When I turn on the a/c it just fogs up the windows like it did when the heater core was bad. I dont really use the a/c at all, but it would be nice to fix it. Plus it feels like the a/c is dragging the engine more than it should be. Also, my abs light is on and it brakes just fine and I dont understand why it is on. Ummm other than that everything else on the car is either replaced or working just fine. Id greatly appreciate any help that you can give me. I would just buy a new car, but I cant really afford it being that I attend college and all. Well thanks for reading, I look forward to your reply.

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